Fresh Brown Sugar Boba Milk

Fresh Brown Sugar Milk also called Tigar Sugar Milk. It is a very popular and trendy drink! Now it is available in Tucson! We use warm brown sugar boba, roasted brown sugar syrup, and lactose-free whole milk! It’s a must-get! Brown Sugar Boba is included!

Fresh Taro Smoothie

Fresh steamed real taro paste in our creamy taro smoothie. Add honey boba or brown sugar boba for extra $0.5! Our Fresh Taro Smoothie is one of our best-selling items!

Matcha Latte

Our Matcha Latte is made with ceremonial-grade matcha that is directly imported from Japan! When mixed with lactose-free whole milk, it’s unbelievably delicious! Add honey boba or brown sugar boba for an extra $0.50!

Cream Cheese Tea

Our Cream Cheese Topping is made with real cream cheese, condensed milk, and lactose-free milk! Many people said it tastes like a liquid format of cheesecake with a hint of saltiness! Get our Cream Cheese with sweetened, freshly brewed black tea or green tea!

Milk Tea

Ni Hao Milk Tea
Jasmine Green Milk Tea
Thai Tea
Hokkaido Milk Tea
Honey Milk Tea
Honeydew Milk Tea
Strawberry Milk Tea
Wintermelon Milk Tea
Coconut Milk Tea
Almond Milk Tea
Rose Milk Tea

Iced/Fruit Tea

Iced Black Tea
Jasmine Green Tea
Honey GT/BT
Lemon GT/BT
Mango GT/BT
Passion Fruit GT/BT
Strawberry GT/BT
Strawberry Lemon GT/BT
Lychee GT/BT
Pineapple GT/BT
Winter Melon GT/BT


Passion Fruit
Pina Colada Creamy Slush
Thai Tea Creamy Slush
Red Bean Creamy Slush
Coffee Frappe


Honey Boba
Brown Sugar Boba
Nata Jelly
Mango Jelly
Aloe Jelly
Grass Jelly
Red Bean
Egg Pudding
Crystal Boba
Cream Cheese
Popping Boba